AI Photo Culling
That Actually Works For You

Wand Plugin is an AI engine made to highlight useless photos in Lightroom Classic, so you can quickly find the best ones and finish culling faster than ever before.

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Smart Plugin for Lightroom

AI photo culling right inside Lightroom Classic - no need to add any external app to your existing workflow.

Working With Headphones

One-Click Process

No more re-configuring "smart sliders"-  Wand adapts itself to your specific project.

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Finish Culling Faster

Using AI, Wand separates the useless photos, leaving you the fun part of picking the best!

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With a high-volume studio, we don’t have time to cull every single image ourselves. Wand is AMAZING. Let Wand run in the background while you stay productive!

— Ethan, Owner, School Kid Pix


Made for Wedding & Family Photography

Easily cull through thousands of photos taken using multiple cameras, only pick your best shots instead of manually weeding out the bad ones and finish culling in a flash.

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