Boosting Wand Speed

With Lightroom Classic Smart Previews

In this article, we summed up important information about Adobe Smart Previews. What are they, what are their benefits and how to use them wisely.

What are Smart Previews?

Lightroom Classic catalogs were designed to help photographers organize & process large numbers of photographs, all in one place. When importing photos into a catalog, a link is being formed between the original (source) photos and the catalog in order to view and edit them within Lightroom. Smart Previews are DNG files that are smaller than the original photos, they can get up to 70% smaller than the original files and save a lot of storage space.

The benefits of Smart Previews

Having Smart Previews built in the catalog for the source images, allows you to view and process them without having to keep the source images available (online) for Lightroom, either on an external or local drive.

Processing the Smart Previews in Lightroom does not harm the original files, and any changes made to the Smart Previews will be applied to the original files once they are connected back to Lightroom.