Installing Wand in Lightroom Classic for Windows 10

Updated: Jul 11

A step-by-step manual on how to install Wand Plugin in Lightroom Classic for Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 as your operating system then this is for you! (Wand requires Lrc version 9.3 or newer)

Get the latest version of Wand

Download the most recent version of Wand.

General Information

The downloaded file is a zip file containing Wand plugin, extract the zip file and keep the extracted folder (named postprowand-x.xb.lrplugin) in a permanent location on your computer and

since Lightroom will need access to it, do not move or delete it.

In the photo: the zip file and the extracted plugin-folder side by side

Any Problems?

Lightroom shows "Installed but not working" message?

One of two reasons may be responsible:

  1. Unsupported Lightroom Classic version. Update Lightroom Classic to the latest version and reinstall Wand plugin.

  2. The correct plugin folder has been extracted to a sub-folder. Go to the plugin folder manually and check it is not in a sub-folder, here's an example:

Open Adobe Lightroom Classic

And go to: File > Plugin Manager

Click Add on the bottom left corner of the Plugin Manager

One tap on postprowand-x.xb.lrplugin, and then click Select Folder

Login using the email and password used on signup, then click Done to activate Wand.

That's it! Click Done and you're all set, Wand is now active and ready to roll.

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