Best Mouse for Photo Editing

Your mouse is one of the most important tools for your workflow and for your sanity. Based on price, ergonomics, and programability, here are the top choices we've gathered for you.

This article is not sponsered in any way and is based purely on our team and customers' professional experience.

Quick intro for culling quickly

Most efficient way to cull - flags & active caps lock.

After running Wand on your current session, keeping only the unique photos, choose the best shots in Lightroom with flags, it's the fastest, most efficient, and most time-saving method you can use.

1) Make sure you have your caps lock turned on to enable auto advance in Lightroom, and save a lot of forward clicks.

2) Browse through your photos using the left/right arrows

3) Pick your picks using the "~" key on the top left side of your keyboard. This shortcut works better than the "P" (pick) key because it can unflag as well if you regret your pick.

4) Reject the ones you don't need using the "X" key, and leave the others unflagged.

The list

The amazing Logitec G604

Our choice

1) Logitec G604

$80-$100 range

With wireless communication, high DPI, and an extremely long battery life, you can't go wrong with the G604. For more than 5 years straight now, I've been using a previous version of this model called the G602, and I couldn't be happier.

The G604 has two main (left & right) buttons, a clickable scroll, connection-type switch buttons in the middle, and an extra 8 buttons on the left and top sides.

Below is a screenshot of my settings (on the G602) made specifically for my Lightroom workflow, and a list of the keyboard shortcuts, these can be applied to the G604 as they are nearly identical.

Mouse button program

M: Graduated Filter

R: Crop

Shift+T: Guided transform

Right shift + = : Exposure up

Left shift + - : Exposure down

Right: Go right

E: Library mode

Q: Spot removal

K: Adjustment Brush

The one with many buttons

2) Corsair Scimitar Elite

$60-$80 range

The 17(!) fully programmable buttons can practically replace your keyboard. A light and precise mouse, it weighs 260 grams and offers 16,000 DPI. Although it is made for gamers, who said they were the only ones who required macro actions done quickly?

Fans say it fits your palm like no other glove they've ever owned and has a very smooth texture. The Schimitar Elite is not a wireless mouse, which can be seen as a downside for some or an advantage for others since it does not require batteries. Instead, it uses the good old USB port.

Not a mouse , but a good choice

3) TourBox Controller


The 'bit more complex' device is designed for editing (photo and video) and to replace your keyboard almost entirely.

Tourbox supports double clicks (like Shift + something on your keyboard), so the possibilities are virtually endless. Using the custom-made software you can move any buttons/combinations around as desired and keep adjusting them until you find the ideal combination.

The controller would be best suited for professionals with tech knowledge, as its complexity might make it difficult to grasp at first or require more ongoing technical work.

If you'd like deeper dive into it you can take 8 minutes and watch John Branch's video exploring it. Tourbox might have gotten some updates since then so expect new stuff when testing it yourself.

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