Wand Plugin
for Adobe Lightroom
for Adobe Lightroom Classic 10 and newer on macOS and Windows computers.


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Making sure every photo is unique, without any near identicals. 
Closed Eyes 
No need to zoom in and out to try and detect blinking.
Screen Recording 2021-01-29 at 12.43.37.
Screen Recording 2021-01-29 at 13.35.50S
Low Quality
Detecting clipped pixels and extreme exposures on the significant parts of the photo .
Facial Expressions
Face attributes help Wand to make smarter and more sensitive decisions.


Results can be shown in two ways: 
Using Collections or using a Purple color label for marking the rejected photos.

# Wand will never reject a photo without a suitable replacement unless it is completely blurred or clipped.
Using Color Labels
In Lightroom Plugin Manager under the login box, check the box next to "Don't use color labels" if you don't want to apply color labels to the rejected photos.
Using Collections
Wand collections are made for batch changes. For example, you can change the purple label or add your own label by selecting all images in a collection, and applying the desired color label.


How Does Wand know
which face is important?

Wedding Ceremony

Significant Faces

Behind the scenes several algorithms' job is to find the most significant faces in a photo for the most accurate culling possible.

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