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Wand Plugin for Lightroom Classic helps event, wedding and portrait photographers reduce time spent in image selection

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Instantly rid your photoshoot of flawed photos

The more images you take in a photoshoot the harder it is to start editing, and the mere thought of going through thousands of images, half of which are useless, gets more frustrating each and every time.

Bulk AI Culling in Lightroom Classic

With one click, you can remove technically flawed photos to minimize your batch size.

Fits with every

Process a selection of images or all of them. You can even let Wand work while you import so it's working in the background.


Utilize Lightroom's Smart Previews

Cull 200 times faster when using Lightroom's Smart Previews without the need for using slow drives.

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Wand easily plugs in to your Lightroom workflow


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Hide rejects to reduce the batch


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Focus on your creative process

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Ethan @righterportraits

With a high-volume studio, we don't have time to cull every single image ourselves. Wand is AMAZING. Let Wand run in the background while you stay productive. 

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