Wand gives photographers a significant head start in photo culling. Use AI to reduce 30% of the photos you took, decrease turnaround times and get back to enjoying your work.

You do the art,
Wand  takes the rest


14-day trial, no credit card required.

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Smart Plugin for Lightroom

AI photo culling inside Lightroom Classic, without needing any extra app added to your workflow.

One-Click Process

No more re-configuring "smart sliders"-  Wand adapts itself to your specific project.

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Finish Culling Faster

Using AI, Wand separates the bad photos - leaving you the fun part of picking the best!


With a high-volume studio, we don’t have time to cull every single image ourselves. Wand is AMAZING. Let Wand run in the background while you stay productive!

— Ethan, Owner, School Kid Pix


Designed for

Happy Couple
Happy Family

Wedding photography

Easily cull through thousands of photos taken using multiple cameras, finish the culling task in minutes instead of hours.

Portraits, and Family

Quickly separate closed eyes, missed focus and near identical images and find your best shots faster.

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Wand Features

Culling Flows

Run on Import

Don't waste time on extra clicks, let Wand run in the background while you import to your catalog.

Run on Catalog

Use a single click to cull through all the photos in a catalog.

Run on Selection

Cull from a selected group of photos

in your Lightroom catalog.

 Viewing Results

Color Labels

Separate rejected photos with automatically applied purple labels.

Wand Collections

Processed photos are placed in a separate collections; Rejected & Production

Don't Use Color Labels

For previously labelled catalogs, you can use only Wand collections for separation.

Separate the photos you don't need and reach the finish line faster.


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